We helped a salon brand <span>set the stage for its first At-Home Relaxer.</span>


The Challenge

Established in the early 90s, Motions was seen as the stalwart but unexciting offering in hair care for women of color. Encroaching activity from upstart niche brands, ethnic offerings from established beauty players, and growing opportunities in global economies created a need to raise the bar. We were asked to unearth a big idea for Motions to serve as an inspiration for the Brand’s revitalization in the contemporary beauty industry that would set the stage for the launch of its first at-home relaxer.


The Insight

Changing attitudes and images about ethnic beauty elevated Black women’s expectations of their beauty brands. We determined that Motions had positive existing equity but simply needed to dust off its image to stay relevant.


The Solution

We developed a new Brand positioning and communications strategy across key global markets that celebrated The Many Motions of Black Women. It was anchored by an affirming advertising campaign that leveraged existing Brand equity in a modern and resonant way.


The Results

Our advertising campaign exceeded Alberto Culver’s action standards and generated high branded breakthrough (within top 20%) of all print ads including ads for the U.S. general market. The campaign was instrumental in contributing to a 5% sales increase for the Motions brand.

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