We revitalized a flagging hair care brand <span>with industry-leading marketing initiatives and digital content strategy.</span>


The Challenge

How do you introduce a premium-priced relaxer and aim to re-establish your leadership in African American hair care in the midst of a highly fragmented category and a wide sweeping natural hair movement.


The Insight

As their options have expanded, Black women have become highly knowledgeable consumers. They understand the potentially damaging effects of relaxing, and seek information and ingredients to help maintain their hair health.


The Solution

We acknowledged the elephant in the room—relaxers weaken hair bonds during straightening– while introducing a simple but disruptive claim: “Miracle Renewal leaves hair healthier than before you relaxed”. We highlighted and emphasized this bold statement with a 360 integrated advertising effort. Online we gave our consumer the information she seeks by providing details on the technology, ingredients, and other reasons to believe.


The Results

Our complete IA/UX redesign of drmiracles.com quadrupled customer site purchases contributing to sales growth and increased revenue. In addition, our work helped to stabilize a multiple quarter share decline. The Miracle Renewal Relaxer launch was recognized by the 2014 EBONY Beauty and Grooming Awards as “Best Relaxer”. More detailed results are confidential and proprietary to DRM-JPC Brands

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